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When your loved one has been neglected in a nursing home, you will be looking to get them justice. Team up with an Albuquerque bed sore attorney from Will Ferguson & Associates to begin a nursing home abuse claim against those responsible.

When you and your family made the decision to use a New Mexico nursing home to care for an elderly family member, you probably expected that your family member would be safe. You expected that they would be treated with dignity, respect, and care. How terrible for you to learn that instead of nursing care and support, your loved one was harmed instead.

You are likely angry and disillusioned by what happened to your elderly family member, and you are looking for justice. You may have a difficult time trusting anyone right now, but a top Albuquerque bedsore abuse lawyer at our firm would like to offer you our services. 

Your bedsore abuse injury case in New Mexico can get you and your loved one closure for this experience and financial compensation for the losses you’ve all faced.

What Are Bed Sores in Nursing Homes, and What Causes Them?

Bed sores are also called pressure sores, and both names are apt. These types of bedsores or decubitus ulcers break out along the skin where patients' body comes into contact for too long with another object. 

The reason they are often called bed sores (pressure sores) is because patients who are bedridden spend an enormous amount of time in one position. If the person’s position isn’t regularly shifted, patients can get bedsores. Common areas on the body prone to pressure sores are ankles, elbows, heels, hips, and the back area. 

Why do bedsores (decubitus ulcers) occur at nursing homes, care facilities, hospitals, or medical facilities in New Mexico? Because patients are often unable to change their own positioning, either because of injury or limited mobility due to age, patients can wind up getting these pressure sores. These bedsores could be indicative of negligence and abuse on the part of the medical facility or nursing home facility staff. These bedsores can be prevented.

If your loved one has bed sores and you believe negligence and abuse are to blame, contact our top ABQ pressure sore lawyers in New Mexico to discuss the possibility of filing a claim for nursing home abuse.

Damages for Nursing Home Abuse in Albuquerque, NM

Your loved one deserved to be treated well while a residence of a medical facility, hospitals, or nursing home in New Mexico. If they have bedsores, they have likely dealt with pain. You are also probably dealing with medical care costs to treat the bed sores. You will also have other trial issues related to your elderly family member’s neglect and abuse. 

We have an Albuquerque Bed Sores Lawyer that will help you receive the bed care settlements you deserve

You and your injured loved one, deserve a full settlement to pay for the damages brought about by someone else’s neglect and abuse, including bedsore, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Talk to our Bed Sore and Pressure Sores Attorneys in ABQ, New Mexico

To get started on a personal injury claim in Albuquerque, New Mexico, related to the bedsores your family member has suffered, call a top bedsore attorney at our office firm. These top lawyers can help you put together your case, use evidence to prove fault, abuse, and your losses, and work toward the justice and compensation your family deserves. 

Call Will Ferguson & Associates at 505-594-3712 or send in the online contact form on this page to speak to our top bed sore lawyer in Albuquerque NM, for a free case consultation.

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