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Being injured in a bicycle accidents can have disastrous consequences for your life. Obtain justice and compensation for your bike injuries by partnering with an Albuquerque bike crash attorney.

Riding a bike can be great for your health and for the environment, yet despite strides made in many communities to make bike riding safer, sometimes cyclists still get injured or killed. If someone has been hurt and has injuries in a collision with a vehicle, the cyclist will likely have damages that could overwhelm them.

Victims in NM could be dealing with serious injuries or permanent injuries, expensive medical bills, lost work wages, and physical pain. If the injuries of cyclists are extreme, they may not be able to work again. Bicyclist will need the money from winning an NM personal injury claim to pay for all these losses. Submitting and winning a bicycle wreck claim isn’t easy, though.

That’s why victims should consider working alongside an Albuquerque bicycle accident lawyer at Will Ferguson & Associates. Our bicycle accident attorneys will work to investigate your bicycle accidents, gather vital evidence, prove your bike injuries, and win you the compensation you need to move beyond this bicycle accident.

Types of Injuries Related to ABQ New Mexico Vehicle Crashes

Bicycle accidents frequently end in serious injuries for the bicyclist. Some injuries are so severe that you’ll be unable to live the life you once enjoyed. Some injuries might have you missing out on work for a while, or you’ll require physical therapy to assist with your recovery.

The greater your injuries are, the longer it may take to get your life back in order. For some people, life will never be the same again. Contact us and your ABQ bike injury lawyer will do everything possible to see that you receive compensation for a bike accident not of your making.

Listed below are some serious injuries that often occur during bicycle accidents in Albuquerque NM:

Reaching the Victims Goal of Full Compensation for the ABQ Bicycle Collision Case

One of the main reasons for filing a bike accident claim is because you probably have sustained heavy losses. Your bike injuries will likely require medical treatment, and sometimes the medical bills by themselves are large enough to threaten your financial wellbeing. Financial strain can also add stress to the pile of already huge losses.

In addition, the trauma that a serious injury accident causes for the victim is very real. A bicyclist may be fearful of ever riding a bicycle again, and they may suffer other losses of a non-financial nature. A bicyclist could deal with physical pain, for instance, and that pain could last a lifetime.

You should be paid for all the losses that your injury accident has caused you. Your Albuquerque bicycle accidents lawyer’s goal is to see that you get every penny owed to you for the terrifying accident you’ve experienced. A list of common bicycle accident damages is here below:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Medical expenses, including medications, hospital bills, co-pays
  • Mental anguish and mental health treatment
  • Permanent injury
  • Inability to enjoy your life as you once did
  • Lost wages
  • Scarring/disfigurement

What Will Your Accident Lawyer in ABQ Law Firm Do to Help You Win?

The ABQ bicycle injury lawyer’s job is to help cyclists win their bike accident case. The personal bicycle accidents process is difficult, but with the right accident attorney on the job, you will have a good chance at a successful claim resolution.

Our Albuquerque bicycle accident lawyers at our firm will investigate the case of victims, gather evidence that proves negligence, calculate your losses, complete personal bicycle accidents paperwork, and negotiate compensation with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

In the event the insurance company doesn’t want to play nicely, then we will even take your case to court. We believe in justice for bicycle crash victims, and we won’t rest until we’ve done everything that can be done to win your case.

Secure Legal Representation for Your Albuquerque Bike Wreck Claim

No one deserves to suffer a serious injury in a bike accident, and if a cyclist were hurt because of a careless driver or other party, you can hold them accountable. Filing an injury case is difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you contact us and have help. Our personal injury lawyers with our firm will do everything necessary to see that justice is served and that you receive the money you need for this injury.

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