Albuquerque Roundup Cancer Lawyer

If you have received a Roundup-related cancer diagnosis and you are considering pursuing an injury claim against the manufacturer, contact an experienced Roundup cancer lawyer in ABQ.

You have likely heard of Monsanto and its widely popular herbicide, Roundup. Recently, researchers have discovered links between the ingredients in Roundup and the development of certain types of cancers.

When you have received a cancer diagnosis and have reason to believe that your exposure to Roundup is the cause, a qualified Albuquerque Roundup cancer lawyer may be able to help.

At Will Ferguson & Associates, we are more than prepared to assist cancer survivors whose diagnosis is related to the use of, or exposure to, Roundup obtain their rightful compensation. By bringing a claim against Monsanto, you may be able to recover monetary repayment for the suffering you’ve experienced as a result of your cancer diagnosis.

How Roundup Can Cause Cancer

The primary ingredient in Roundup is a chemical known as glyphosate. Due to the prevalence and use of Roundup across the country, nearly anyone can be unknowingly exposed to glyphosate by touching a plant that has been sprayed with Roundup, by breathing glyphosate-contaminated air, by drinking water that has been contaminated with the chemical, and even by eating foods that were grown in Roundup-contaminated soil.

Although the research is still ongoing and the risks of glyphosate exposure are still becoming known, the evidence shows a link between such exposure and certain types of cancers, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Monsanto’s negligence has even been corroborated in San Francisco where a terminally ill groundskeeper was recently awarded a sum of $289 million for the harm inflicted upon them, setting a precedent for other Roundup cancer survivors, such as yourself, to be awarded compensation for their losses.

Obtain the Compensation You Deserve

It’s difficult to say how much you can expect to be awarded without carefully reviewing the various ways your life has been impacted by your Roundup-related cancer diagnosis.

We’ll be able to seek compensation for all of the medical expenses you have incurred as they relate to your condition, which includes any future care you might need. You will also be entitled to repayment for damages such as loss of income and the damage to your earning capacity.

Furthermore, your attorney will also take into consideration losses such as pain and suffering, lost quality of life, loss of household services, emotional distress, and loss of companionship and love, among other types of non-economic damages.

Your ABQ Roundup cancer attorney will do everything possible to hold Monsanto to account for its reckless and irresponsible actions.

Work with a Roundup Cancer Lawyer in Albuquerque

For help with your claim against Monsanto, or if you have questions about whether you have a case worth fighting for, consult an Albuquerque Roundup cancer lawyer at Will Ferguson & Associates.

We are proud to provide free claim assessments to cancer survivors in ABQ and its surrounding cities. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, give our office a call at 505-594-3712 or complete the brief contact form we have included at the bottom of this page.

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