Albuquerque Sexual Abuse Lawyer

When you, or a loved one, have been sexually abused, you have a right to confront your abuser. Demand justice from those who’ve wronged you by filing an injury claim with help from an ABQ sex abuse attorney with Will Ferguson & Associates.

Your life will be forever altered because of the sexual trauma you’ve endured. We want to see you, and any other person who’s been sexually abused, receive justice. Filing a sex abuse claim can protect others from being sexually assaulted the way you were.

Those who’ve caused you to suffer must be held to account. You can file a claim against the abuser and against others who were responsible for the abuse. Submitting a sexual abuse claim may seem like too much for you to deal with right now, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Partner with an Albuquerque sexual abuse lawyer for help with your claim.

Who Could Be Liable for Sexual Assault in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, and there are no limitations on where it could take place. It could be at your workplace, or it could take place at a school. Every sexual abuse case is unique, so it’s important that you have an Albuquerque sex assault lawyer analyze your case to see who is responsible for what happened to you.

The abuser will always be liable for what they’ve done to you, but depending on the circumstances of your case, others could also be to blame. For instance, if the abuse occurred at your workplace, your employer might be liable for what you went through. If the abuse occurred at a school, the school could be to blame for your suffering.

Here are some of the places where sexual abuse has been known to occur:

  • Schools and afterschool programs
  • Nursing homes and medical facilities
  • Extracurricular programs
  • Workplaces and workplace events
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Walking down the street
  • Mental health facilities

Damages You Could Receive if You Win an ABQ Sex Abuse Case

You can be compensated financially for all the negative ways this sexual abuse has affected your life. Here are some of the damages that your ABQ sex abuse lawyer can work to secure for you:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Trauma from the sex abuse incident
  • Medical care costs
  • Lost income and lost earning potential
  • Physical therapy and mental health treatment
  • Loss of quality of life

Get in Touch with an ABQ Sex Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse must be fought against, but you probably don’t have the will to fight right now. You don’t have to go through the process of filing a sex abuse claim on your own. Hiring a lawyer will gain you the support of an experienced legal professional who will know how to help you win your case.

An Albuquerque sexual abuse lawyer will be with you every step of the way, watching out for your best interests and ensuring your rights are protected. Reach out to Will Ferguson & Associates to discuss your claim during a free, confidential case assessment. Simply dial 505-594-3712, or fill out and send in the secure online form below.

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