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Have you been exposed to toxic chemicals because of another’s negligence or wrongful behavior? Contact an ABQ toxic exposure attorney with Will Ferguson & Associates to see about filing an injury claim for damage to your health.

Being exposed to toxic chemicals is extremely dangerous to your health. If someone else’s actions resulted in you being exposed to hazardous chemicals, fumes, or poisons, you can file an injury claim against them. Your claim can hold the person who caused your health to be compromised accountable for what they’ve done.

You deserve to be financially compensated for what has happened to you. An Albuquerque toxic exposure lawyer at our firm can assist you in investigating the chemical exposure incident, documenting your losses, and going after the person who caused your injuries through the personal injury claim process.

Understanding How Toxic Exposure to Chemicals Can Happen in Albuquerque

You can be exposed to hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes in many different situations. For example, you could have been exposed to toxic fumes at your workplace. Those who work with toxic chemicals, such as can be found at chemical processing plants or factories, have a higher risk of being exposed to poisonous chemicals and gasses.

You can also be exposed to dangerous chemicals and fumes while just walking down the street. Chemical spills can cause poisonous gasses to leak into the air, and you could breathe them in, becoming ill as a result.

No matter what situation caused your poisoning, you have a right to pursue those responsible through an injury claim. Your Albuquerque chemical poisoning lawyer can assist you in putting together your case.

Types of Toxic Poisons

The following is a list of toxic chemicals. Any of these could be hazardous to your health.

  • Arsenic
  • Dry cleaning chemicals
  • Mold, including black mold
  • Pesticides
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Detergents and other solvents
  • Lead-based paint
  • Mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Landfill waste
  • Radon

Damages for Toxic Exposure in ABQ

Your Albuquerque chemical exposure attorney will work to see that you are financially reimbursed for the way your health has been negatively impacted. They will also do everything possible to see that those responsible for your injuries are brought to justice. Below is a list of damages you could receive when you win your case.

Get in Touch with an ABQ Toxic Exposure Attorney

Your health is imperative to your life happiness. When someone has compromised your health due to poor behavior on their part, you deserve to receive financial compensation. They should be required to pay for your medical bills and other costs associated with this incident.

Proving fault in hazardous chemical cases can be a challenge, so it’s usually a good idea to partner with an Albuquerque toxic exposure lawyer. They can assist you throughout the injury claim process and beyond. Receive a free case evaluation when you contact Will Ferguson & Associates through the case evaluation form below. You can also call our firm directly at 505-594-3712.


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