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Are you looking to hire an ABQ truck collision lawyer to assist you with submitting a semi-truck accident claim in New Mexico? Work with Will Ferguson & Associates to see that the person who caused your tractor-trailer accident is held to account for it.

If you could choose what type of vehicle collision you must be in, you probably wouldn’t choose one where a semi is involved. That’s because the impact between a passenger vehicle and a semi is like that of a fly and a windshield.

If you have experienced a truck accident in New Mexico, like with an 18-wheeler, you will likely be dealing with many great losses. You could be suffering with life-altering injuries, debilitating physical pain, post-traumatic stress from the accident, monetary losses, and fear over how all of these issues will affect your life because of truck driving negligence.

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Now’s the time to contact an Albuquerque 18-wheeler accident attorney of New Mexico for help getting your life put back together after hitting the windshield and get the settlement that you deserve.

Who Could Be Liable for an ABQ Truck Accident Collision?

Human error is the most likely culprit in a serious big truck accident case, but which human is to blame? Tractor-trailer truck wrecks in Albuquerque New Mexico are often thought to be caused by the truck driver, but there are many instances where others are responsible for the truck collision. For instance, a negligent truck mechanic could make errors when servicing the semi-truck which could lead to an accident.

Your ABQ big truck crash attorney in New Mexico will look into what caused your accident so we can go after the person who is liable.

Below, here are a few people who could be to blame for your serious semi truck accident in ABQ New Mexico.

How Long Do You Have to File an 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Claim in Albuquerque?

After a semi truck crash in Albuquerque New Mexico, you have only three years in which to submit your truck accident claim. Failure to submit a claim within the legally mandated time frame will mean an inability to go after the person responsible for your losses.

Compensatory Damages for Your ABQ Truck Accident Wreck

Filing a claim for an 18-wheeler truck accident case in ABQ New Mexico serves many purposes, but one of the most important purposes your claim serves is that of providing the truck accident victim with monetary compensation.

You will have many damages following your semi-truck collision, such as medical expenses, lost income, property damage, cost of treatment, mental health issues, and lost life enjoyment due to disability. Your ABQ New Mexico big truck rig accident attorney will work to view that you receive the settlement and full compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Speak with us, Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyers of New Mexico

Damages from a serious truck accident are bound to be severe, and you should not have to pay for them. The person who caused your tractor-trailer truck accident in New Mexico can be made to provide for your losses. Filing and winning a truck accident case can ensure that you receive the compensatory damages owed to you for a semi-truck crash you didn’t cause.

Get in touch with an Albuquerque New Mexico 18-wheeler accident lawyer today to discuss your truck collision during a free case review. Dial 505-594-3712 to reach Will Ferguson & Associates or fill out the online submission form down below.

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