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Someone has injured you because they didn’t take the time to watch out for your safety. They owe you big time, and you can file an injury claim against them with help from a Belen personal injury attorney at our firm.

The United States is one of the safest countries in the world, with advances in technology that have increased life spans and safety measures that have decreased accidental death. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt or killed in an accident, because there will always be people who don’t take the time to consider how their actions affect others.

If you’ve been hurt because of another person’s careless or negligent actions, you can hold that person responsible for the pain and suffering they’ve caused you. The personal injury claim process allows you to seek monetary compensation from a careless person. A Belen personal injury lawyer with Will Ferguson & Associates can help you file your injury case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases in Belen, NM

What type of accident have you been hurt in? A car accident? Were you injured by a defective product? Your Belen injury lawyer at our firm can handle almost any type of accident case. We know the personal injury laws that correspond to different accident types, and we will approach your claim accordingly.

Your accident will need to be investigated to find the person responsible. Your claim will then be submitted with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The following list shows various types of injury accidents common in Belen and throughout the U.S.

  • Premises liability
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Car wrecks
  • Product injuries
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Assault and wrongful actions
  • Trucking wrecks
  • Wrongful death
  • Dog attacks

The Financial Reimbursement You Need to Move Past Your Belen Personal Injury

Why submit a personal injury claim? It’s a lot of work; is it really worth it? People submit injury claims for many reasons. You probably want the person who caused your accident to own up to what they’ve done. You want them to take steps toward correcting their behavior so that others aren’t injured.

Another reason for submitting an injury claim is to receive financial reimbursement for all the losses the accident has brought to you and your family. A Belen personal injury attorney at our law firm will work toward securing you compensation for your pain, trauma, lost income, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Get in Contact with a Personal Injury Attorney in Belen, New Mexico

You’ve been injured because of someone else’s mistakes, and you have every right to seek damages and justice from them. However, the personal injury claim process can be a challenge to navigate, which is why injury lawyers are around to help. Your lawyer at our firm can assist you in working to prove fault for your accident and recover monetary recompense for this experience.

Call a Belen personal injury lawyer with Will Ferguson & Associates and receive a free case assessment. Dial 505-594-3712, or enter your information into the secure contact form at the bottom of this web page.

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