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Personal Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM

A personal injury can change your life for the worse, but there is a way to set things right again. You can file a personal injury claim in New Mexico against the person who hurt you with the help of an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer at Will Ferguson & Associates.

One of your worst fears has come true—you’ve been seriously injured in an accident. What are you going to do? You are likely dealing with the aftermath of your accident claim, which can be an overwhelming situation to be in. You may be in great physical pain, you’re looking at growing medical debt, and you haven’t been able to return to work.

How will you put this accident behind you? You may need to file a claim in Albuquerque and hire a personal injury lawyer. Filing a claim can serve you in several ways: It can help you receive justice for your personal injury in New Mexico, you can protect others from also being injured, and you can receive financial compensation for all of the losses this accident claim has caused for you.

The personal injury claim process is a challenging one, though, and many feel overwhelmed at the thought of attempting it on their own. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle your case without legal help.

Our best personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque NM at our distinguished firm can investigate your accident, build your case, and fight for your right to maximum compensation. Our personal injury lawyers have built our practice by practicing personal injury law at the highest level.

Understanding Fault in Claims

When someone harms you because of their careless, reckless, or intentional actions, the legal concepts that allows you to hold them accountable for your injuries is called negligence. By filing a personal injury claim in ABQ, New Mexico, you can seek damages from the person or people who caused you harm through their negligence.

First, however, you will need to gather evidence of fault and show the monetary value of the damages you’ve incurred because of your accident and related injuries.

There’s another law that affects your claim. It’s referred to as comparative negligence. This is when the negligence of each party involved in an accident is examined by our personal injury attorneys to determine the amount of fault that rests with each.

For example, if you and another person are involved in a vehicle wreck and are both found somewhat responsible, your damages can be limited by the amount of fault found with you. Let’s say you are found 45 percent at fault and the other party is found 55 percent at fault. You can only sue the other party for their 55 percent of the blame.

Common Injury Types in New Mexico

Different accident types fall under different areas of personal injury law, so it’s important to understand what type of Albuquerque personal injury case you have on your hands. For example, if you are harmed in a vehicle collision, your accident will be subject to car accident and insurance laws.

Some cases are more difficult to win than others, and some accident types have different laws and rules they must obey. For instance, medical malpractice cases often require extra steps.

Listed below are some of the more common types of personal injury claims in Albuquerque:

Does the Severity of Your Personal Injury Affect Your Case?

When you’ve been hurt in an accident, one of the reasons you will want to file a claim is to be compensated for all of the ways this accident and your injuries have negatively impacted your life. Severe injuries will likely equal greater financial losses for you, such as missed work wages and sky-high medical expenses.

If you suffer a catastrophic personal injury in New Mexico, it can affect your life for years. It can even impact your mental state. Serious injuries will affect your life more than a minor injury would, so this will influence how much your claim is worth. You deserve greater compensation for a life-altering personal injury in New Mexico.

Below, you’ll find a list of injuries often considered “serious” in personal injury claims:

What’s in an Average Personal Injury Settlement?

Your accident in Albuquerque has likely caused you to suffer great losses. Some will be of a monetary insurance nature, such as your medical treatment costs, and some will be of a non-monetary nature, such as your pain and suffering. By filing a personal injury claim in New Mexico, you are seeking to be compensated in full for all of your losses—not just some of them.

Your lawyers will help you recover the insurance you deserve. The following are some common damages you can be compensated for by filing and winning a personal injury claim in New Mexico:

These are just some of the damages for which you can seek compensation. Really, almost any hardship you’ve faced as a result of your accident and injuries warrants compensation. Experienced injury lawyers can help you make sure no damage is overlooked in your personal injury claim.

The Insurance Company’s Role in Your Personal Injury Claim

To receive compensation for your injuries, you may need to first file your claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. For instance, if you are hurt while at a place of business, you may file the claim for compensation with the relevant business insurance policy. Although it’s possible to file such a claim on your own, it’s not easy.

A lot goes into insurance negotiations. If you aren’t an experienced lawyer, you can be taken advantage of. Insurance companies want to keep their profits as high as possible, so they aren’t going to be volunteering any information that will put more money in your pocket. Insurers will do almost anything to reduce the value of your claim.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters have many ways of keeping you from receiving fair compensation. They may try to record your statement to use against you, they may threaten to take you to court, or they may try to prove that your injuries aren’t as serious as you say they are. This is all in an effort to keep money in their own pockets.

Keep in mind that one of your personal injury attorneys' duties is to deal with the insurance company for you so you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. Your lawyer in ABQ will work tirelessly to see that you receive the compensation that’s owed to you.

Why Hire an Albuquerque Personal Attorney?

Personal injury claims in Albuquerque can be surprisingly complicated. If someone who is unfamiliar with the legal system attempts to handle a claim on their own, they oftentimes end up with a significantly less amount of compensation than what they deserve. If someone is injured in a car accident and incurred serious injuries in the wreck decides to handle their auto accident claim, they could end up not receiving the just settlement they need to offset the high cost of medical bills. This is why it is crucial to hire a firm in New Mexico with decades of experience in handling personal injury claims that help get victims the compensation they are due. Our personal injury lawyers will fight to see that victims receive great compensation for all of their damages.

What should you look for in an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer in New Mexico will fight for your legal rights if you've been hurt in an accident at work or in daily life, have suffered from medical malpractice, or are struggling to have your insurance carrier cover your needs. When searching for a personal injury firm, research their online reviews and make sure past clients have had good experiences with them. Also, make sure this lawyer has the experience and proven success in winning cases similar to yours. You will also want to confirm that the lawyer is licensed to provide services in New Mexico.

What if the company is refusing to settle my personal injury claim?

Albuquerque Insurance companies in New Mexico often look for ways to avoid paying victims the compensation that they are owed after vehicle accidents and other situations. Your lawyer will know how to deal with the insurance company and can negotiate for a settlement on your behalf. It's often wise to direct the insurance company to speak with your law firm so that you don't accidentally say anything that could be used to reduce your compensation offer later on in the proceedings.

Contact a Trusted Albuquerque Injuries Lawyer

Our attorneys can help with your injuries

Your personal injury in New Mexico has devastated your life, but it is possible to piece things back together.

When you file an injury claim against the person to blame for your accident, you can receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing an at-fault party is being held accountable. You can also receive the compensation you need to move forward.

Don't Wait to Call help to an Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney

These cases can be difficult to win, and recuperating from your injuries is enough to deal with on its own. You can get the help you need with your claim by working with our best Albuquerque personal injury attorneys in New Mexico. To schedule a free consultation, call Will Ferguson & Associates at 505-243-5566 or fill out the form below.

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