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Have you suffered a serious broken bone injury in New Mexico? Do you need a New Mexico broken bones lawyer? Call Will Ferguson & Associates for help today.

Thousands of people are injured each year in accidents in New Mexico that result in broken bones. Recovering from broken bone injuries after an accident in New Mexico can be difficult and painful. These accidents can happen during a commute, at the workplace, on construction sites, and in various other circumstances which can result in serious broken bone injuries.

Recovery can be long and painful and often requires countless doctor visits, surgeries, and time off work.

If the accident happened at the fault of another, you might be entitled to compensation for your broken bone injury. An experienced New Mexico broken bones lawyer can help you receive the damages you deserve.

Common Causes of Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bones can happen in all sorts of accidents. They are more common in children, as they are much more active than adults and more prone to engage in activities that will lead to a broken leg or arm. In adults, bone breaks tend to happen in major accidents such as blunt force trauma during a car accident or after a slip and fall. The most common causes of broken bones are:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Twisting injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Fights
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Large truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

The most common way that adults sustain broken bone injuries is during motor vehicle accidents, often due to the negligence of other drivers. There is no question that it is especially frustrating when you are forced to endure doctor's visits, surgeries, physical therapy, and lost wages for something someone else caused.

The Most Common Bone Breaks in Motor Vehicle Accidents

With vehicle accidents being such a large contributor to bone fractures, we believe it is important to know which breaks are most common following a motor vehicle accident:

  • Radial or ulna bones in the wrist
  • Fingers and toes
  • Hands, most commonly the left hand following a t-bone collision
  • Feet, typically during a high-impact collision when the dashboard collapses
  • Femur, which is the strongest bone in the body and the most difficult to break. When it happens it can result in catastrophic injuries
  • Humerus, the bone at the top of the arm
  • Sternum
  • Ribs
  • Compression fractures in the vertebrae
  • Elbows
  • Orbital, which are the bones of the skull and around the eyes
  • Hips

Types Of Bone Fractures

Broken bones come in many forms. But most fit into four main categories of fractures:

  • Displaced Fracture: A displaced fracture occurs when the bone breaks completely into two or more pieces. These pieces are moved so that the pieces do not line up correctly.
  • Nondisplaced Fracture: A nondisplaced fracture occurs when the bone breaks completely or partially but does not move out of alignment.
  • Open Fracture: An open fracture occurs when the bone breaks completely through the skin.
  • Closed Fracture: A closed fracture occurs when the bone breaks but does not puncture the skin.

Some more specific types of breaks are:

  • Simple fracture, which is a single break in the bone
  • Comminuted fracture, where a bone breaks in at least two places
  • Impacted fracture, where the end of one bone fragment is forced into another fragment
  • Greenstick fracture, which is an incomplete break where the bone is bent. This is most common in children.
  • Stress fracture, which is a break that does not go all the way through the bone, and is generally caused by repeated stress to the area.
  • Transverse fracture, in which the bone breaks horizontally
  • Oblique fracture, where the fracture line is angled

All fractures require treatment, usually in the form of a cast to keep the bone from moving. In some cases, surgery is needed to correct a more serious break. In severe bone fracture cases, the patient may need physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain full use of the affected area.

What to do After a Broken Bone Injury

  1. Seek Medical Attention: Any time you experience a serious injury you should seek medical attention immediately. Broken bone injuries are often severe and require swift treatment. Be sure to tell the medical professional how the injury occurred. Prompt treatment dramatically increases your chances of making a full recovery.
  2. Document the Accident: After an accident, the first thing on your mind might not be documentation. But this step is critical to the process, especially when someone else is at fault. Gather photographs of your injuries and the scene of the accident. Hold on to a copy of the accident report if it exists, as well as copies of any witness statements. Maintain copies of all medical records resulting from the accident and any receipts for personal property damage that might have occurred.
  3. Contact a Lawyer. Consulting a personal injury attorney from Will Ferguson & Associates immediately following your accident will help take some of the burden off you. They will gather any evidence and records that might be difficult for you to obtain so that you can focus on healing.

Liability and Negligence

Some broken bone injuries truly are no one's fault. Accidents happen, and life goes on. But sometimes, these accidents happen due to the negligence of another party. If you suffered a broken bone injury at the hands of someone else, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Negligence Laws in New Mexico

In general, for negligence to be proven, it has to be shown that one party failed their duty of care. We all owe a duty of care to drive safely, so if one party was shown to be driving recklessly, leading to an accident resulting in serious injuries, that driver failed their duty of care and may be held liable for their negligence.

This can also apply to workplace injuries. Your employer has a duty to provide a safe work environment. If you sustained a broken bone injury while on the job, you could be entitled to compensation from your employer.

Comparative Negligence is a law in New Mexico that allows an injured party to receive damages in an accident in proportion to their percentage of fault.

This means if you are involved in an accident that resulted in your broken bone injury and are found to be 25% at fault, you may be able to collect 75% of the damages from the other driver's insurance company.

Modified comparative negligence means that you can only recover compensation if you are at fault for less than 50% of the accident. However, New Mexico is one of only 12 states with pure comparative negligence law. This means you can make a claim even if you are 99% at fault. You are still able to receive compensation from another involved party, even if only for that 1%.

Can I File a Lawsuit For a Broken Bone?

You might be able to file a civil case for your broken bone if the accident that led to the injury was caused by someone else's negligent, reckless, or intentionally malicious acts. For example, a broken leg in a vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver is likely a good reason to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries.

How Personal Injury Claims Work in New Mexico

Careless or reckless conduct is the cause of many serious injuries, including broken bones. This, under law, is negligence. To recover damages, you must prove four elements:

  • That the liable party had a duty of care, and it was their responsibility to exercise caution and not cause a risk of harm to others
  • That the liable party failed in this duty of care
  • That there is a direct connection between the liable party's lack of care and your injury. In other words, you must prove that your accident would not have happened without the actions of the other party
  • That you suffered losses due to your injuries; physically, financially, and/or emotionally

How Do I Know if I Might Have a Case?

Determining if you have a case requires carefully analyzing the factors that led to your broken bone injury. A personal injury lawyer can help you determine the strength and viability of your claim.

First, you must determine whether the accident was caused by someone else who can be held legally responsible for your broken bone. If you were the cause of your own injury, you might not have a case.

Then you must consider whether your injury is severe enough to pursue further action. Broken bones require months of recovery and often expensive medical care. This is almost always cause to pursue legal action.

Your case will be strengthened if there is evidence in your favor. You will want to find eyewitnesses or video and photographic evidence to back up your claim. The sooner you get an attorney on your case, the more help you will have with building your case.

The only way to truly know if you have a solid case is by speaking with one of our personal injury lawyers who will provide more clarification. Don’t hesitate to give our New Mexico broken bones lawyers a call as soon as possible.

Get the Compensation You Deserve After a Broken Bone Injury

Following a broken bone injury, you may be entitled to monetary damages to reimburse you for your losses. Losses might include both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the expenses incurred in relation to your injuries. These usually come in the form of medical bills, treatment costs, medications, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and at-home care. This also includes lost wages for any time you might have taken off work, as well as payment for future expenses or losses.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more subjective and not as easily definable. But this refers to things like pain and suffering, scarring or disfigurement, diminished quality of life, and emotional suffering.

Limitations on Compensatory Damages

Due to New Mexico's laws on negligence, you may be found partially at fault and therefore may not receive full compensation for your claim. Contact a broken bones lawyer for help determining fault so you can receive as much compensation as possible.

Compensation Available Through an Insurance Claim

There are situations where you can file a claim with an insurance company in order to receive compensation for your broken bone injury. If you were hurt during a car accident and were not at fault, you can file a claim with the liable party's insurance. However, insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart and will fight to give you as little as possible. 

You will want a New Mexico broken bone attorney to fight back against the insurance company, so you receive a fair settlement. If our negotiations do not work outside of the courtroom, we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Statute of Limitations

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim for injuries sustained during an accident, whether it be a vehicle accident, workplace accident, or slip and fall accident, you typically only have three years from the time of the accident to file a claim.

The New Mexico statute of limitations only applies to legal litigation, not any claims you have already filed with an insurance company.

Speak to a broken bone lawyer to get this process started as soon as possible.

Cases We Handle

We understand that no two cases are alike and that injuries can happen at any time. Here are a few other case areas we handle, among many others:

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day. They can cause property damage and financial hardship and often lead to severe injuries. Common injuries include:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be very different from car accidents due to their sheer size and weight and the speeds traveled. A collision with a semi-truck can cause catastrophic injuries and damage. Trucking companies carry hefty insurance policies, and determining liability in truck accident cases can be challenging. We are here to help.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere. Construction workers face obvious risks, but accidents happen everywhere, from retail shops to factories. Workers' compensation insurance typically covers employees after they've suffered injuries in a workplace accident. But not always. Sometimes benefits may be denied. Sometimes a third party is involved, leaving tricky circumstances for you, your employer, and the insurance companies to navigate.

If you need help with a benefit denial or determining if you have a claim against a third party, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney.

Product Liability

All of us every day use technology and products to make our lives easier. From space heaters to toasters, these products help us in our daily lives. Until, without warning, one of these products malfunctions, leaving you with serious injuries.

Whether it be a manufacturing error or a simple design defect, a personal injury attorney will know how to handle your product liability case.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is never easy. But losing them due to someone else's negligence or misconduct can further your suffering and difficulties.

We know money will not bring your loved one back, but it can ease some of the stress and financial hardships so that you can focus on what really matters.

If you have lost a loved one at the hands of another, a New Mexico personal injury lawyer at Will Ferguson & Associates is the right person to help you.

How an Experienced Broken Bone Injury Attorney Can Help

In most situations, your first step to recovering damages after a broken bone injury is to file a claim with the responsible party's insurance company.

Drivers, business owners, and employers all carry insurance to protect themselves from legal backlash.

However, many insurance companies push back and the claims adjuster may try to place blame on you for the accident or attempt to diminish the severity of your injuries. And an experienced broken bone lawyer can negotiate on your behalf so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

After an accident, the liable party's insurance company will likely contact you right away. Still, since they so frequently try to get out of paying fair damages, we recommend speaking with them only after you have contacted an attorney. We can investigate the cause of the injury thoroughly so that no one can try to place fault where it does not belong.

We will handle all aspects of your case from the very beginning until you have reached a settlement. We can help by:

  • Collecting evidence and documentation
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and experts
  • Arranging inspections
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations

This eases your personal burden and gives you more time to focus on what really matters.

Are you in need of a New Mexico broken bones lawyer?

Broken bones are not enjoyable. They are painful, and in addition to doctor's visits, X-rays, possible surgery, and casts, you may need physical therapy and rehabilitation to fully heal. These medical bills add up and become very expensive very quickly. 

All of this is coupled with the possibility of lost wages for being unable to work for an accident you didn't cause. Insurance companies fight to pay as little as possible, and you may feel out of options. But with the help of an experienced broken bone injury attorney, you can file your claim with civil courts and may be able to receive the compensation you need.

Contact a New Mexico Broken Bones Attorney

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident resulting in a broken bone injury, you deserve to know all your legal rights and the damages you are entitled to. Our dedicated team won't be intimidated by aggressive insurance carriers or at-fault parties and will work to negotiate a fair settlement for you. If you have been searching for the right truck accident lawyer, contact Will Ferguson & Associates at  for a free no obligation consultation.

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