Spend The Afternoon Making Your Way Around Old Town Albuquerque New Mexico

Make no mistake about it, Old Town Albuquerque is the original Albuquerque, and it is not just one of the top attractions in the city but the state as well. The capital city of the state of New Mexico is Albuquerque, and Old Town Albuquerque is indeed more than just an attraction. While you will find it easy enough, look for San Felipe Street NW as you make your way around. You will see the historical plaque, and then you can start making your way to all the nice shops, art galleries and much more that is in the area of Old Town Albuquerque NM.

There are steet vendors in Old Town as well. You can buy handcrafted jewelry and all kinds of neat souvenirs. One reviewer who visited the area talked about showing up during a salsa festival. It would be a good idea to find out if there are any local events going on while you are visiting. There is said to be live music at times as well, at least on the weekends.

While you are in this part of town, you are not far away from the BioPark and Zoo. Both are amazing to see, you don't want to miss these two attractions.  Another place of interest is the Petroglyph National Monument.

Old Town Albuquerque is a place the locals like to go and enjoy themselves and take a stroll, too. They say the park has a happy and peaceful atmosphere, and the park part is surrounded by all the shops and art galleries mentioned. Perhaps you want to check out the local art scene in Old Town, and maybe a souvenir painting isn't a bad idea.

Let's take a look at some of the individual attractions that you can find when you visit Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico. One place is San Felipe De Neri Church, and it is part of the North Plaza. You can attend Mass there of course if you go at the right time. And there is also a gift shop located there.

Amapola Gallery is another top place to visit in Old Town, and it is located on Romero Street. Reviews say it features several rooms full of art, and many local artists have their work on display. Sometimes there are even opportunities to meet the artists. That sounds like a really neat place to visit and enjoy some of the culture of the city in general along with its rich history.

The Old House that is located in the south portion of the plaza is another listed place to visit, as is Breaking Bad RV Tours. Okay, so talk about switching gears. That attraction is on Old Town Road NW. It may not be part of Old Town Albuquerque and the history, but it's a reminder to check out all that the city has to offer. Out of the entire city, Old Town Albuquerque ranks #9 on a top travel site for places to visit. It is a must see area indeed, and you will leave Old Town Albuquerque feeling like you have experienced the city the way it used to be years ago. There is certainly nothing wrong with Albuquerque today, however, as it is a fun capital city indeed.

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