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Have you sustained an injury because of a healthcare practitioner’s negligence? Partner with a Santa Fe medical negligence attorney from Will Ferguson & Associates to hold a negligent doctor accountable for injuring you.

When you went to the doctor for treatment, you expected to get better, not worse. Most doctors and medical practitioners do everything possible to provide their patients with quality care; however, sometimes doctors can make careless mistakes that cause harm. If you’ve sustained an injury caused by medical negligence, you might be owed compensation in Santa Fe.

By filing a New Mexico medical malpractice case, you can hold the person responsible for your injury to account. Your case can also bring about changes in the healthcare profession and protect others from being harmed. Malpractice cases can be difficult and require more effort to prove fault. Get assistance with your case from a Santa Fe medical malpractice lawyer at our firm.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice in Santa Fe

Not every injury you sustain because of a doctor’s negligence will allow you to file a malpractice suit. A few elements must be proven for your case to go forward.

First, you’ll have to prove that the medical practitioner who was treating you caused you injury. Next, you’ll have to prove that the injury was caused by negligence, and not by some other factor. Finally, you will need to prove that the injury you sustained resulted in damages.

Even if a doctor injured you, but the injury didn’t result in any lasting harm or damages, you won’t be able to file a case against them.

Below, here are some common malpractice cases your Santa Fe medical negligence attorney has experience handling.

  • Surgical errors or unnecessary surgery
  • Anesthesia injuries
  • Errors involving medication
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of an illness
  • Failure to read the medical chart of a patient
  • Discharging a patient too soon

Damages for a Santa Fe Medical Negligence Case

Your injury could have caused you great pain, trauma, and financial losses. You deserve to receive fair payment by obtaining a settlement or winning a lawsuit. Your Santa Fe medical malpractice attorney will give every effort to see that you receive the damages owed to you for what you’ve been through.

The following is a list of damages often paid out in medical negligence cases.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income and permanent disability
  • Scarring/disfigurement/permanent injury
  • Loss of your health
  • Medical care costs
  • Loss of your quality of life

Get Ahold of a Medical Negligence Lawyer in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When doctors and other healthcare professionals are negligent, you can be injured as a result. Your injury was not your fault, and filing a medical malpractice case against those responsible is your right. Winning a malpractice case can be more challenging than winning other types of personal injury cases, however.

Secure legal assistance with your case by working with a Santa Fe medical malpractice lawyer at our firm. We will investigate your medical injury accident, gather evidence of fault, hire medical experts, and put together your case. Tell us about your medical negligence case during a free assessment. Call Will Ferguson & Associates at 505-594-3712, or send in the form below.

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