Albuquerque Elder Abuse Lawyer

When your elderly loved one has suffered abuse, you will be looking for justice for them. Contact an ABQ elder abuse attorney from Will Ferguson & Associates to begin working on an elder abuse claim today.

If your beloved family member has been abused, you are probably angry and appalled that this could happen. No one should ever be abused or mistreated. Unfortunately, those who can’t protect themselves are often victims of abuse. Your loved one deserves justice for the atrocious acts committed against them.

An Albuquerque elder abuse lawyer from our firm can assist you in filing an elder abuse claim against all who held some responsibility for what your loved one has endured.

Your claim can serve to prevent the abuser from ever harming another elderly adult again. It can also provide you and your family member with compensation for the harm that has been done to all of you.

Types of Elder Abuse in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Elders can be abused or mistreated in more than one way. They can also suffer from multiple types of abuse.

For instance, they can be physically abused and emotionally abused. Physical abuse includes behavior such as hitting, slapping, kicking, pinching, pushing, punching, shoving, and scratching. Emotional abuse can be caused by behavior such as belittling the elder, teasing, taunting, withholding affection, and name-calling.

Your ABQ elder mistreatment lawyer knows the signs of elder abuse and can help you to prove your case. They will go after all those who caused your family member to go through this traumatic experience.

The main types of elder abuse are listed for you below:

  • Physical abuse
  • Mental and emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Financial exploitation
  • Mistreatment and neglect

The Settlement You and Your Family Member Deserve

Your family member may have suffered serious physical harm and possibly required medical treatment for their injuries. If they have mental distress as a result of their abuse, they may be in need of mental health treatment to live with what they went through. Medical and mental health treatment cost money. There are other losses you, and your family, have likely endured.

You and your family member are owed a settlement to pay for all the financial and non-financial losses the abuse has brought to your lives. An Albuquerque elder mistreatment attorney will make every effort to see that your settlement accounts for all your losses.

Consult an ABQ Elder Abuse Lawyer Now

Your elderly family member should never have been abused, and your claim can protect other elderly adults from abuse. Hold the abuser and others to account for their actions. Your loved one deserves justice for what they’ve been through, and monetary compensation for the financial and other losses they’ve suffered.

An Albuquerque elder abuse lawyer at our firm understands that you and your family have been through a difficult time. Right now you need a lawyer who can help you get through the claim process. Reach out to Will Ferguson & Associates using the website submission form below. You can receive a free case assessment when you call 505-594-3712.

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